“this is an 8 hours job”


Pop, an enthusiastic young professional, had recently taken over the “General Cashier & Accounts Payable” position within a business accounting department. Fresh out of college and in a new country, this role was a significant step in his career. However, the transition wasn’t as smooth as he’d hoped./

The Challenge

Despite his dedication and long hours, Pop struggled to complete his daily tasks within the standard eight-hour workday.

His supervisor’s feedback was clear: “You are not fast enough.” Feeling overwhelmed, Pop approached the Finance Controller, only to be told, “This is an eight-hour job… if you need twelve hours to do it, it’s your problem.”

Nothat’s Intervention

Pop reached out to Nothat for guidance.

Instead of providing a one-size-fits-all solution, Nothat began by understanding Pop’s unique challenges. They recognized that Pop’s struggle wasn’t due to a lack of effort or skill, but rather the inefficiencies in the existing process.

With Nothat’s coaching, Pop was empowered to critically assess and redesign the process. He identified repetitive tasks and, with Nothat’s guidance, implemented automation tools to streamline them. This not only reduced the time required but also improved the quality and accuracy of his output.


Within weeks, Pop had transformed an eight-hour job into a five-hour task, without compromising on quality.

When the Finance Controller noticed Pop leaving early, she remarked, “What is this? Part-time?” Pop confidently replied, “Hey, this is an eight-hour job… if I can do it in five, it’s my problem.”

Both shared a laugh, marking a turning point in Pop’s professional journey.


Pop’s journey with Nothat highlights the power of a fresh perspective.

By focusing on the individual’s unique challenges and strengths, Nothat empowered him as a professional, to transform his challenges into opportunities, leading to personal and professional growth.

In the maze of complexity, there’s always a straight path waiting to be discovered.
It’s all about finding simplicity in the chaos…
Nothat’s team
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